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Wannabe Balanced | Mormon Enlightenment

Mar 30, 2021

Human behavior is something I'm completely fascinated by these days. Learning how the mind works and why we cling so tightly to specific beliefs. I understand there is a level of comfort that comes from firm beliefs, but in my opinion it hinders our growth. Anytime we believe we KNOW things with certainty, it blocks us...

Mar 5, 2021

Today I'm talking about my midlife crisis that started 3 years ago, but became overwhelmingly intense the last 3 months. 

Going into all the things that have contributed to my "falling apart" right before my 40th birthday.


Feb 1, 2021

Emotional Eating Coach, Andrea at is going to walk us through some of the reasons why we might be feeling stuck when it comes with finding the discipline and willpower to stick with our protocol.

Jan 26, 2021

Sharing my business journey story and all the different endeavors I pursued beginning at age 15.

Jan 21, 2021

Let's talk shit, bowel movements and gut health. Talking about Sean's struggles dealing with various gastrointestinal issues over many years. 

Also listing several things we both tried in order to improve our gut health. Coffee enemas, fiber overload, probiotics, kombucha, fermented vegetables, etc.