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Wannabe Balanced | MINDSET Coach

Feb 25, 2020

My conversation with Andrea Riggs, sharing some teachable moments with her teens since leaving the church 4 years ago.

Feb 20, 2020

Sometimes I fear I’m missing out on something but I'm realizing that the belief that others are experiencing something more enriching than me is all just an illusion. That's when the focus is on LACK and not abundance. If we choose not to look at the beauty in our own lives, then THAT is what we are really missing...

Feb 11, 2020

My friend Dusty Jacobson and I discuss the topic of the divine feminine, gender equality, and empowering women as we raise our voices together in love and unity.

We reflect on our former mentality, some of the things that got us fired up in the past as we began to recognize the ways in which we felt suppressed as...