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Wannabe Balanced | MINDSET Coach

Apr 23, 2020

Sean and I discuss some pitfalls when it comes to our ever changing beliefs and opinions.

*Trying to create harmony as we navigate our different interests and understandings around the meaning of life.

*How we are growing together EVEN when we disagree on so many things.

*Is it okay to ONLY consume information that...

Apr 15, 2020

What is TRUTH?

"Does it light you up? Or does it put you into fear?

It is an impossibility to know THE TRUTH. Meaning there are so many perspectives . This multidimensional universe is far more complex than the human is allowed to experience. There is only so much that you are supposed to, or are designed to access....

Apr 6, 2020

What story do you choose to believe?

In this episode I share my persepective on this world wide crisis we are faced with and the story I'm choosing to believe.