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Wannabe Balanced | MINDSET Coach

Mar 29, 2022

"I don't know..."

Is that a statement we should learn to get comfortable with?

Is it the way to creative flow?

Or is it a statement the BLOCKS the creative flow? 

A way of giving up?

Or is it surrendering to the higher power within us?

Depends on how YOU want to interpret it. It has everything to do with the meaning you...

Mar 15, 2022

Some guilt crept up in me the other day as I was remembering something. I realized I had yet to resolve this in my mind. My goal is to be extra attentive each time a past memory or thought comes into my mind and it causes a low vibe emotion. I want to gather all the pieces to the story and see if I can rewrite it. 


Mar 7, 2022

My skin, my greatest teacher.

I used to believe my skin was my greatest enemy. Like it’s role in my life was to torture me and make me feel insecure. At one point I even believed it was God’s way of keeping me humble. 

I don’t want to hide my imperfections anymore. I don’t even want to SEE them as imperfections....

Mar 1, 2022

I remember back when I was really actively pursing my goal to grow my Instagram following. How much anxiety, stress, jealousy, and overwhelm I felt on a DAILY basis. 


Often times I would wish I could let it all go. I honestly felt trapped in my own mind about it. For so many reasons I thought letting go was not an...