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Wannabe Balanced | Personal Growth Guide

May 16, 2022

Innocently many of us believe that our life circumstances are what make us feel good or bad, happy or sad, angry or peaceful.
I used to believe that my happiness came from other people's love and appreciation for me, or when you make a lot of money, or when you reach your goal weight, are from being in a loving relationship.
We grow up learning that happiness must come from within, but I never understood HOW to do that.
Some things in life we perceive as GOOD and others we perceive as BAD. We live life, hoping, praying, and even begging for more "good" to come our way so that we can be happy.
We fail to realize that what we classify as good and bad is all subjective. It's in our own minds. Everything in life starts out as NEUTRAL, but then our minds are what judge, label, and categorize things. It's our thoughts, beliefs, preferences, and opinions that separate them into the good and bad categories.
When we clean up our minds, then is when we begin to take our power back. No longer are we at the affect of our circumstances, we are only at the effect of our beliefs about them.
Finally I'm understanding what it means to find peace from within. It means working on our beliefs, not attempting to change what I can't control, but control what I CAN change...
If you plan to join me tonight then be sure to print out this worksheet I put together. I'll explain on the call how to use it.