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Wannabe Balanced | MINDSET Coach

Nov 25, 2020

For many years I’ve been paralyzed with the fear that I don’t have anything unique to offer this world. It’s caused me to unintentionally block the flow of inspiration and creativity. 

I’ve been really diving deeper and trying to identify what makes me unique. And I wanted to share some of my insights as I’ve been making a conscious effort in this area. 

I think it all comes down to the belief I had that there is nothing left to invent or create. It was more of a subconscious  belief that I uncovered by asking myself a lot of questions.

When I read books I noticed some common themes. They all have similar messages, just different ways of saying it. But I still LOVE reading them and always feel I’m able to gain something new. My understanding of a concept deepens as I read all the different ways people express it. 

I was having this conversation with Sean the other day and I was comparing it to chocolate chip cookies. Have you ever googled “chocolate chip cookie recipes”?

I used to wonder as a little girl, why do people always claim they have the BEST recipe for chocolate chip cookies? Chocolate chip cookies are chocolate chip cookies, right?

A little butter, flour, salt, eggs, vanilla, sugar, and chocolate chips. What I didn’t realize is that one slight adjustment to a recipe can completely change the composition, taste or texture of a cookie. It’s quite miraculous and even inspiring. Kinda makes you see the endless possibilities we have available to us. 

We have universal truths. Things that most of us can agree on, like...

Love is the answer...

Doing good can make you happy...

Taking care of your body is an important component to having a good quality of life...

And that there is a part of us that wants to grow and evolve…

When we take universal truths/ ingredients, we can create our own unique recipe by simply adding in a few secret ingredients. These are ingredients that nobody else has access to.

We add a cup of our personality, with a pinch of our own life experiences, combine it all together and bake for (enter your age) years until the outer edge is slightly golden brown. 

THIS is what makes everything we do and say totally unique. We can build upon the things that we learn from other people by simply adding in our own special sauce.