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Wannabe Balanced | MINDSET Coach

Mar 7, 2022

My skin, my greatest teacher.

I used to believe my skin was my greatest enemy. Like it’s role in my life was to torture me and make me feel insecure. At one point I even believed it was God’s way of keeping me humble. 

I don’t want to hide my imperfections anymore. I don’t even want to SEE them as imperfections. I realized I’m causing my own stress because I want to have flawless skin more than I want to appreciate what my skin is trying to teach me or how it’s my bodies way of communicating to me.

Our bodies communicate in different ways. Some have pain in their joints, or other area of their body. Headaches, brain fog, fatigue, bloat or discomfort in the gut.

I’ve been believing my whole life that perfect skin, good hair, and a super model figure was the answer to all my problems. But now as I’m aging I’m realizing that I’ve been putting my energy in the wrong place (climbing the wrong latter as Sean describes it).

If I believe that external beauty is the answer to life’s struggles then I’m in for a rude awakening. 

So let’s bare it all, strip it down, embrace our imperfections and stop seeing them as flaws.

Appreciate what your body is offering you NOW and stop waiting to be happy and at peace until we lose that last pound or cure every illness we have. Enjoy the ebs and flows of life, embrace the seasons, and see everything as a gift.