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Wannabe Balanced | MINDSET Coach

Jan 4, 2023

I’ve attempted to quit plenty of things over my lifetime, as we all have. But ever since 2020 I’ve discovered an entirely new level of discipline. It’s like something suddenly clicked in my brain and I was able to conquer many of my addictions, cravings, and urges. 

Things I’ve kicked since 2020, sugar, gluten, coffee, alcohol, pizza, chocolate, my addiction to social media, gossiping, and much much more. 

Since noticing this huge shift in my ability to conquer these things, I’ve began to reverse engineer what has been happening to me, which is a lot, and I’ve actually formulated a whole process that I’m now coaching people through, but I wanted to share a small piece with you today to assist you in your resolutions for 2023. 

My theme this year is to become a New ME in 2023. I started setting my intensions a few weeks ago and created a free workbook for all of you. If you’re on my email list then you should have received it, if not then you can sign up via this link: 

The goal with this workbook is to clearly identify the person you’re hoping to step into, then identify the specific habits you need to develop in order to embody that potential you know you have.

So what I’m getting at here, is that quitting anything obviously starts with HABITS and I’m going to teach you what I’ve found to be the most effective habit forming strategy. And of course, schedule a coaching session with me if you’re needing additional help and accountability.


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