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Wannabe Balanced | MINDSET Coach

Apr 20, 2023

Not gonna lie, seeing my smaller chest for the first time was emotional. I broke down in tears, but quickly shifted back to acceptance.

Now I see them as an elegant beauty rather than hot sexy. Both versions are awesome, so I'm choosing to embrace my new look. Focusing on what was gained rather than what was lost.

They don’t look perfect, but even without the implants, I’m not going to be able to stop the process aging. Letting go of resistance I have to my body changing with time, and the belief that I reached my peak of beauty.

Redefining what beauty means to me. Getting it out of my head that youth is the only kind of beauty.

I started paying more attention to the beauty of deep wisdom that only comes with AGE. The lines and wrinkles represent experience and a life LIVED.

Seeing less and less of my external beauty and more and more of my internal beauty.

Seems cliche to say that, but like in the movie, I feel Pretty, when you FEEL pretty, that’s all you really need in order to be happy and content.

We feel pretty by how we think and what we believe. 

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