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Wannabe Balanced | Personal Growth Guide

Nov 20, 2019

OBEDIENCE... what does that mean?

Is it better to choose obedience over knowledge?

Doing what you are told regardless of what feels right to your soul?

Obedience is a principle I’ve had to really question since stepping away from the Mormon church. What I’ve concluded is that obedience no longer fits into my moral code.

Is teaching our children obedience to an authority figure really in their best interest?
It would seem that way, yes. To abide by the laws, follow the rules, and be respectful of others property. Absolutely!

But what if we take a slightly different approach to obedience and authority. What if we teach our children to trust their OWN authority. What if we empower them with the knowledge that they already know how to choose the right. That if they learn how to listen to their internal guidance system they will never be led astray.

Nobody knows you better than yourself, your inner being. Often we listen to what others are telling us to do more than we listen to ourselves. Teaching our children obedience may in fact be keeping them from aligning with their own personal GPS system.

Something to think about 🤔.